Core Values

While KI is a diverse community representing a broad constituency of over 800 families strong, we have identified seven core values that define the heart and soul of our congregation. To show our dedication to these values, they adorn seven banners that are prominently displayed in the Fineshriber Lobby so that all who enter our building are reminded of our commitment to them. 

Yahadut Mitkademet ("Reform Judaism") - Maintaining and being enriched by our historic ties with the Reform Movement. 

Core Values Banner 2

T’fillot ("Prayer and Spirituality") - Creating diverse, compelling religious services and providing pastoral support for our members and their families. 

Tikkun Olam ("Social Justice/Repair of the World") - Strengthening social justice through programs both within KI and extending them into the broader community. 

Hiddur Mitzvah ("Arts and Culture") - Fostering a deeper appreciation of Jewish living through extensive cultural programming and the arts.

Limmud ("Sacred Learning") - Providing life-long transformative Jewish learning.

Kehillah ("Community") - Nurturing and sustaining our strong sense of community and personal connection in our synagogue.

Ahavat Israel ("Jewish Pride/Love of Israel")