Rabbi Doctor David Einhorn's eulogy for Abraham Lincoln at Keneseth Israel, April 19th 1865.
Copy at KI Archives.

Our archival collection, considered one of the most prestigious in the region and an essential research resource for students, educators and our community, is maintained in a meticulously created space by a dedicated group of archivists.

Established in 1972 at the suggestion of Senior Rabbi, Dr. Bertram W. Korn, the Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel Archives (RCKIA) contains the records of the Congregation from its founding in 1847 to the present. The goal of the Archives is the collection and preservation of these records as they pertain to K.I. and to its relationship to the larger community. It is available to researchers as it strives to be more than a collector of records. The resources are used to promote the identity and awareness of K.I. through exhibits, seminars, research and acquisitions.

Today the RCKIA is housed in a climate controlled space adjacent to the library. All materials are stored according to archival standards and maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Thank you to our archives volunteers... 

Ethel Gershman, Chairwoman; Joan Gross; Marcy Klugman; Lila London; Janet Luterman;  Jack Myers; Ruth Schoenberg; Claire Schweriner; Phyllis Sichel

You can visit the Archives on Tuesday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, or by appointment. It is always best to call first.


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