Adult Education: Stalin and the Jews with Dr. Allan Schwartz

Keneseth Israel 2018 Adult Education

Monday, October 15, 10:30 a.m.



Josef Stalin (1879-1953) "Man of Steel", followed Lenin's concept of "Anti Jewish Pogroms"---From Shtetls to the Gulag Jews were caught between Hitler and Stalin in WW II.  Discussion will include Stalin and "Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee", "Yiddish Theater, Golda, Israel plan. What caused Anti-Semitism in USSR? What was "Jewish Doctors' Plot?”, Stalin's mystery brain disease?   Allan B. Schwartz, M.D., Prof. Medicine, Drexel U. was Vice-Chair, Dept. of Medicine and Director of Student Clinical education/Medical Residency and Nephrology & Hypertension Clinical Service B. He now teaches at Temple U. OLLI and publishes on "World Leaders/United States Presidents' Secret Illnesses Influence on World History, Politics and Wars.


$60 for KI members, $100 for members of other synagogues, $150 for unaffiliated

$10 per class for non adult-ed members 

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