Social Justice Policy Task Force Resolutions

Social Justice Policy Task Force Charter 


The Social Justice Task Force Committee (SJPTF) is responsible for creating Policy and Position Statements on behalf of the congregation and disseminating this and related information through educational materials, special programming and open forums.

SJPTF reports directly to the Board of Directors and brings all KI policy and position statements to it for approval.

The SJPTF is cognizant and respectful of the diversity of our membership as well as their wide range of views; therefore policy statements will be non-partisan in nature.

All SJPTF policy and position statements will be rooted in Reform Jewish ethics, traditions, values and laws, and developed with consideration of policy and position statements of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) and Religious Action Center (RAC).

SJPTF policy and position statements will initially focus on, but not be limited to major issues such as:

1. Hate Speech,
2. Hunger/Food Insecurity 3. Education & Literacy
4. LGBTQA Rights
5. Immigration
6. Refugee Issues
7. Voter Suppression
8. Climate Change
9. Gun Violence
10. Women’s Issues / Choice

Members of the SJPTF will be appointed by the KI President. 

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