Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a member of KI? Are my children considered Jewish?

All are welcome! Anyone who wants to be part of our inclusive community is welcome to join!


Is KI a welcoming place for the LGBTQ community?

Our clergy will gladly officiate a Jewish ceremony for a same sex couple, and will open the doors to our synagogue, sanctuary and chapel for the couple and their family. 


Does KI clergy officiate at marriages of interfaith couples?

Our clergy welcomes interfaith couples who are choosing to live a Jewish life and regularly officates at Jewish ceremonies for interfaith couples. 


Can my non-Jewish family members participate in a Bar or Bat Mitzvah Service at KI?

Yes, all family members can participate in our life cycle events, including Bar and Bat Mitzvah. Non-Jewish family members are invited to participate on the Bimah with their child/grandchild. We have a number of English readings and honors for non-Jewish family members. 


I was raised in a more traditional synagogue, will I be comfortable at KI?

While we have embraced many modern traditions, we work hard to keep the core and essence of Jewish practice. We welcome you to speak with our clergy about the origin of the reforms made in our synagogue and their relationship with traditional Judaism. 


With any questions that aren't answered here, please contact our administrative offices by calling 215-887-8700.