Youth Activities

Welcome Danielle Strauss - Our Youth Engagement Coordinator!

Danielle is a lifelong member of KI and a graduate of our Preschool, Hebrew School, and Confirmation programs. A committed “KI kid” and Camp Harlam alum, Danielle has worked for the past three summers at Camp Harlam as the Waterfront Supervisor and most recently worked at Rodeph Shalom Youth Engagement and Camp Recruitment. She can be reached by e-mailing [email protected] 






KI is the place for kids! 

We have two different youth groups: 

Club KIFTY: Club KIFTY is our 3rd – 6th grade youth group.  Club KIFTY runs two big annual events, our fall hayride and our spring pool party.  In addition each grade level has an sleep under (for 3rd grade) or sleep over.

KIFTY: Our senior youth group is for grades 9-12 with an invitation for 8th graders to join them at the end of the year.  The Senior youth group offers leadership development opportunities for teens as they serve on a board and learn how to plan and run social events and manage group dynamics.  Regular activities include Latkes and Lazer Tag, Limo Scavenger Hunger, Sky Zone trips and a Hanunted Hayride.  KIFTY is also a member of NFTY and sends a large delegation of teens to regional youth group events. 

KI also offers several family fun/fundraisers beyond our religious programing including KINGO, our “royal” bingo night and KI Oscar Night.


Alyssa Greenfield, President

PVP - Julie Ostroff

SAVP - Celia Myerov

MVP - Drew Kronstadt

RCVP - Melissa Denish

CVP - Lindsay Fullerton

FVP - Maddie Ginsberg

NFTY PAR Liaison - Jacob Sklar

Constitution Chair / Song Leader - Jessica Knapp


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